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Midnight Run

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,
We are reminded by our Lord and God Jesus Christ of the obligation of philanthropy and love towards our neighbor. This is a reoccurring and of paramount importance theme and teaching in Scripture. To this end, our YAL Bible study group Goya and boys and Girl Scouts is collecting the following items to be distributed during our “MIDNIGHT RUN Campaign” on FRIDAY, June 16th.
This is a program that provides us with six spots in Manhattan were we can go and distribute these necessities to our homeless brothers and sisters. We will be renting 3 vans (donors welcome $100 each) for transportation and the distribution is ABSOLUTELY SAFE. All we need is your PRAYERS, LOVE and the following items which can dropped off at our St. Demetrios Church office Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1p.m. Checks can be mailed to St. Demetrios Church or brought in person and be made to out St. Demetrios Cathedral, with a notation for the Midnight Run. Υοu can start bringing lightly used clothes listed below to the st Demetrios church office AFTER MEMORIAL DAY

May God bless you and your families and reward your love and generosity.
Heavenly blessing.
+ Rev. Fr. Nektarios, Anastasios, Vasilios

Clothing: Light coats. Large and extra large sizes, as even small men and women like to layer. Dark colors are preferred.
Durable pants. Again, large sizes are preferred, but sort into waist sizes between 32 and 40 and above, with inseam size marked. Blue jeans are preferred over khakis. Mostly men’s sizes but bring five or so pairs of women’s pants as well. Socks. Tube socks, rolled in pairs. White or dark. New Underpants. Jockey style. Sizes 32 through 42. New women’s briefs as well. Sweatshirts and long-sleeve shirts. Large and extra large. Dark colors preferred. ******Hooded sweatshirts are very popular. Draw strings bags are also popular. T-shirts. Medium through extra large. Any color. Hats. Baseball caps for summer. ****Shoes. Sizes 9 through 12 and above. Lightly worn sneakers, soft-soled shoes and work boots are preferred. Belts.
Thank you for your Support