Family Night February 2016

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On February 26th at Saints Catherine and George, the second Family Night was held. Families learned to bake prosforo, which is an offering from each of us to God for the Divine Liturgy. The night began with a Small Compline service where all participated in chanting together. Afterwards, kids and adults alike took part learning to make prosforo with expert prosforo bakers from our community. Dinner was served, and the families enjoyed the fellowship with one another and the pizza. The youth was broken up into grade level appropriate sessions with teachers from our community. They discussed the significance and importance of prosforo baking and the symbolism of the ingredients and stamp. The adults participated in a similar discussion and also focused on “Great Lent and the Family” to which material was given out that can be used in the home for the upcoming Paschal Season. Father Dionysios finished the evening off with a summary of the importance of prosforo baking as a ministry in the Church while people drank coffee and had dessert. There were over 120 people in attendance! Many thanks go out to all the families who participated, the prosforo bakers, the teachers, all those that helped set-up and clean-up at the end of the night, and our priests who attended. Our next Family Night will be held in April…stay tuned!