HOPE (Holy Orthodox Primary Education) and JOY (Junior Orthodox Youth) ministers to children in our community from Kindergarten through 6th grade. The mission and goal is to lead children together in becoming active sacramental members of the living Church and developing a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Throughout all the activities, the youth will be given the opportunity to express their faith and enjoy fellowship with other young people in their age group. By laying the foundation at these ages, they will have the foundation to guide them through their teen years.

Such activities for HOPE and JOY include:

  • Biddyleague Basketball
  • Youth Liturgy
  • Advent and Pascha Retreats
  • Food, Clothing, and Toy Drives throughout the year
  • Social Outings and Fellowship such as Board Game Extravaganza
  • Dances
  • Family Night