The Greek Orthodox Young Adults League, or YAL, is the ministry group that serves college students, young professionals and the young adult community of Saint Demetrios of Astoria from ages 18-40. The mission and goal of YAL is to cultivate and educate our young adults in the path of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ experiencing the Orthodox Faith leading that to the fullness of the Faith.

In developing a personal relationship with God, becoming active sacramental members of the Church, our young adults grow through God’s grace in the areas of worship, fellowship, witness and service. The various activities throughout the year reinforce this mission and goal giving young adults the tools necessary to integrate into the life of the Church enabling them on their journey toward salvation to become active members of the Body of Christ.

Such activities for YAL activities include:

  • Bible Study Group
  • Midnight Run helping the homeless
  • Potluck Dinners
  • Family Night